The Scent Of Pizza… In A Bottle?! [VIDEO]

“Tis the season” for the scent of pizza, captured in a bottle. Yes, you can now smell like pizza because one national pizza chain has captured pizza essences and placed them… in a perfume bottle.

Pizza Hut launched its own perfume that is designed to have the fragrance of fresh baked pizza. According to company officials, the scent has “notes of freshly baked, hand tossed dough.”

The idea for the scent came from a Facebook post that jokingly asked what fans of the pizza chain would call a perfume that smelled like “a box of Pizza Hut pizza being opened.”

Pizza Hut officials combed through all 266 responses to come up with the super original “Eau de Pizza Hut.”

Although the sole 110 bottles of “Eau de Pizza Hut” have already been distributed to random Pizza Hut Canada fans via Facebook, company reps told perfume hopefuls that they can still enjoy the scent of pizza by simply ordering a delectable and delightful pizza from Pizza Hut.

So would you wear pizza perfume? Check out related video below:

Cicely C. Mitchell, Mix 96.5/Houston


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