Oscars To Honor Bond… James Bond

The iconic man of style, suspense, intrigue and international appeal will be honored at this year’s Academy Award ceremony. According to Deadline, the James Bond tribute will honor the iconic character who is known for his wit, cunning tactics and charm.

In 2012, Skyfall, which was a film that marked 50 years of James Bond movies, was the first film to become the first Bond film to gross more than $1 billion worldwide. It was in 1962 in the film Dr. No that the world was introduced to the debonaire and determined James Bond.

The iconic character has spawned several noteworthy films including: Goldfinger, Thunderball and Golden Eye.

Skyfall featured Daniel Craig as the distinguished and eminent James Bond. Bond has been portrayed by actors Barry Nelson, Bob Holness(voice actor), Sean Connery, Roger Moore, David Niven, George Lazenby, Christopher Cazenove, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and now Daniel Craig. The Academy Awards will air Sunday February 24.

Are you a James Bond fan? Check out the Academy Awards in late February and watch related video below!

Cicely C. Mitchell, MIX 96.5/Houston

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