Attention Paparazzi: Don’t Mess With Miley Cyrus! [VIDEO]

In a world in which the rich, famous, infamous and even those that are talked about at length are photographed, sometimes more than we care to see, celebrities are fighting back.

On that list of fighting back, one can add Miley Cyrus. The former “Hannah Montana” star recently gave a member of the Paparazzi a “taste of his own medicine” when Cyrus turned the (sometimes intrusive) photography tables and began shooting him!

In the video, one can hear Cyrus “narrating” the video she is capturing of the photographer. “Isn’t it fun being filmed while you’re on a walk?” Cyrus sarcastically offers to the viewers of her video.

Cyrus who is engaged (or already married?) to Liam Hemsworth captured the photographer capturing pictures of her.

She seems to be making a point about the intrusive nature of the Paparazzi in a light-hearted yet slightly irritated fashion. My guess is that she will continue to display her discord and resentment for photographers who go to lengthy means to grab pictures of the rich, famous, infamous and note-worthy folks we love to read about.

Cyrus is reportedly working on her fourth album which promises to present Cyrus in a more adult light and fashion.

Share your thoughts about Cyrus filming a member of the Paparazzi and watch the video below!

Cicely C. Mitchell, MIX 96.5/ Houston


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