Boy Charged In Ashton Kutcher ‘Swatting’ Prank

A boy has been charged in the Ashton Kutcher “Swatting” prank this week. Due to his age, his name was not released.

Reports indicate that the 12-year-old stands accused of making a prank call to emergency services,that sent police racing to Kutcher’s home.

The young boy was charged Thursday with making that call as well as another false emergency call about a fake crisis situation at a bank. According to prosecutors in the case, the young boy called 911 in October of 2012, reporting that armed men were inside Kutcher’s Los Angeles home. As a result of the call, heavily-armed authorities were sent to the home. Kutcher also reportedly left the set of “Two and a Half Men” to make sure his home was safe.

A week later, a call reporting an emergency at a bank on Wilshire Boulevard was also made and was also a hoax.

The practice of making false calls to homes or businesses has now garnered the term “swatting”. Several celebrities have been victimized by “swatting”, including Tom Cruise. During the false call, the caller details of a false emergency at a home or a business and then SWAT teams hurry to the residence or place of business, expecting armed forces, an emergency situation and armed individuals there.

“Swatting” has become a huge issue and authorities warn against it. Officials say that “swatting” costs law enforcement departments and sectors thousands of dollars in resources and time.

The DA in the case stated that the boy faces two felony counts of computer intrusion and making fake bomb threats. The boy was scheduled to be arraigned Friday in juvenile court.

What is “swatting”? Watch the video below and sound off.

Cicely C. Mitchell, MIX 96.5/ Houston


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