Prince Michael Jackson’s New Gig!

Take a moment and recall your first job. Was it babysitting? Were you working your way up from “sandwich stylist” to french fry operator? Chances are you were not an entertainment correspondent; one famous teen however, is.

Set aside the hairnet or the goofy usher ensemble and make way for a microphone and some high-profile people for Prince Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson’s eldest child is now a correspondent for “Entertainment Tonight”(pow… in your face… well mine too).

Jackson who is (at that ripe ole’ age of) 16 began his reporting duties for the popular entertainment and media news show by providing details of Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful, a film set to be released later this year.

Jackson’s interviewing duties for the film included talking with “Oz’s” director Sam Raimi and actors James Franco and Zach Braff (your promotion back in the day as ” lead french fry officer” kinda pales in comparison, huh?) His report is slated to air this week on “Entertainment Tonight”.

Chances are that given the young Jackson’s age and experience, his reporting gigs will be few but he will certainly gain valuable experience just in case he sees reporting in his future.

Share your thoughts and view related video of Jackson below!

Cicely C. Mitchell, MIX 96.5/ Houston


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