What’s With Those BLUE Trees Along Memorial Drive?

Author: Lauren Kelly

When was the last time you drove down Memorial over near Shepherd/Waugh? If it’s been recently, I’m sure you’ve noticed the stunning set of BLUE TREES on the side of the road!

Well, why BLUE?

According to a recent interview with CultureMap.com, Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos took to the streets side of the road in Houston as part of his traveling project. He also said that he didn’t painted the trees blue, but just colored them with a natural blue pigment.

The difference is very important. This color is intended to highlight how essential trees are to our environment. But the blue is only temporary and will disappear in a manner of months. We make sure the color will in no way harm the trees.”

So exactly what is this “project” he’s talking about? Watch the video and find out!



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