Oops Alert! The Name National Retailer Gives Dress Offends Many


Perhaps someone at Target missed the “Mohandas K. Gandhi Sensitivity training class” or really did not think before naming a dress; needless to say that Target missed the target when offering a product to their consumers.

The popular Minnesota-based retailer raised eyebrows, offended many and garnered criticism for using an aquatic mammal to describe the color and style of a particular dress. The dress was intended for “plus-sized” consumers and was initially labeled “Manatee gray”. In another gut punch, the same dress was label for the same dress in smaller sizes described it as “dark heather gray.”

A Target spokeswoman said that calling the Massimo-brand “Women’s Plus-Size Kimono Maxi Dress” “Manatee gray” was an unintentional oversight” and that the item was removed from the company’s website.

Target took to Twitter and apologized for the oversight after Twitter user Susan Clemens brought the issue to them:

Clemens was not offended about the name “Manatee” but she just wanted an explanation:

Do you find offense to the name “Manatee gray” for a dress geared toward the plus-sized shopper? Sound off and watch video below:

Cicely C. Mitchell, MIX 96.5/ Houston


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