When You Think Song, Do You Also ‘Throw Shade’?


There is a study out that suggests that when we listen to music we associate color to the notes of the song.

The Huffington Post cites a study that was done at the University of California-Berkeley, spearheaded by Stephen Palmer, that suggests that we, as humans are “…hardwired to associate anything from Mozart to Mumford & Sons with a particular hue from the color spectrum”

It seems as of all songs, whether they be classics, classical or even hip hop songs, all have a color that we think of when we hear it. We also attach an emotion to that song as well as that color.

The Huffington Post further stated that: “The study — which prompted 100 participants from the U.S. and Mexico to match classical songs with a list of 37 colors — goes on to state that subjects tended to link the same classical compositions with the same colors regardless of their native country, insinuating that humans might share a “common emotional palette” that can cross cultural barriers. Examples of popular music-color matching were Mozart’s Flute Concerto No. 1 in G major with bright yellow and orange and his (less cheery) Requiem in D Minor with dark, bluish gray.”

“Synesthesia”, which means “a union of the senses” envelopes a similar concept. One sees not only colors but shapes when music is played.

As a former pianist, I can relate. When I would hear my piano teacher play a particular song, I would close my eyes and see colors as well as shapes. What colors do you see when you hear your favorite song? Click here to read more.

Sound off and watch related video below!


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