Blake Blog: Elderly Billionaire, Duct Taped Student And Pool Dive Goes Wrong!


Do you want to meet the cute little 84 year-old lady who just claimed that $590 million Powerball Jackpot?

Click here to learn more about her!


Eek… USE CAUTION watching this video if you’re squeamish!!

These teenagers are jumping off the roof of the house, into the pool.

Holding hands, the two girls go to jump… and one doesn’t quite make it, landing on the deck.  OUCH.

Apparently, she broke both feet, and is now taking to a donation website to ask people to help pay for her medical bills.


How about this bad teacher?  He dealt with a misbehaving 8 year-old… by DUCT TAPING him to his chair.


Who says “y’all” vs. “you guys”?  You can see the line on a map of the US!  How about Coke vs. Pop vs. Soda?  Crawfish vs. Crayfish vs. Crawdads?  How do you pronounce “pecan?”  This series of maps on local sayings and pronunciations is REALLY cool to look at, especially if you’ve lived in a few different locations around the country.


Q:  44% of parents say their kids got “rude” after they started doing… what?
A:  Playing video games


Listen back to today’s Beltway Battle!  Selby knocked out Blake!


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