Top 20 Necessities of Modern Life

If  TV and internet connection are more important to you than friends or showering – you’re not alone! According to a new survey, when asked to name the bare necessities of modern life, TV and internet topped the list.

Take a look at what else made the list from most important to least.

1.  Internet connection

2.  Television

3.  Cuddling

4.  A trustworthy best friend

5.  Daily showers

6.  Central heating or AC

7.  A cup of tea

8.  Saying “I love you”

9.  A solid marriage

10.  A car

11.  Glasses

12.  Coffee

13.  Chocolate

14.  A night in on the couch

15.  A glass of wine (WHAT! #15, are you kidding me!!))

16.  A good cry once in a while

17.  A big breakfast

18.  A nice vacation

19.  An iPhone

20.  Beer

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