Oxford English Dictionary Adds ‘Tweet’ As Official Word

Author: Lauren Kelly

You would’ve thought by now that the word “tweet(since it’s used in every household, every day) is already in the dictionary, right? Nope! Not until now!

The Oxford English Dictionary will officially be adding the word in its June 2013 update! Did you know that the word “retweet” was already in there? Wait, whaaat? lol

According to news sources, the announcement was made recently on the dictionary’s website. Sources state  that including the new definition of tweet:“breaks at least one OED rule, namely that a new word needs to be current for 10 years before consideration for inclusion.” Click here to read more!

Other words that will be in the update are: “Flash mob,” “geekery,” “live-blogging” and “e-reader.”

To see ALL of the new additions to the dictionary, click HERE!


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