Blake Daily Blog: Men vs Wedge Heels; $1 Million Vodka; Hog-Tied Intruder


Joey Chestnut took his 7th title at Nathan’s World Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, breaking his own record (68) by gulping down 69 hot dogs (and buns) in 10 minutes.  It’s rare that something is both disgusting, and impressive.


Men hate wedge shoes, according to a new study.  That was their number 1 “most unattractive” shoe style, followed by Uggs, Crocs, Platforms and Flip-Flips.  Here’s the full list.


Bizarre new craze in China:  wealthy adults buying breast milk.  Yes, adults.  To drink.  Some are spending $3,000 a month for the “nutritious” option.  Weird, no?


Here’s that video I mentioned on the air, Passenger performing “Let Her Go” at Pinkpop in the UK.  Check out when the camera pulls out and the HUGE crowd is singing along, in the palm of his hand… cool.

(BTW, here’s a link to the video with his full set.)


This is a fun list!  The Top 10 Most-Used Movie Quotes!  (#1, if you’re wondering, is from the Wizard of Oz: “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!”)


This weekend at the Astros/Rangers game in Arlington, 5,000 residents and first responders from the West, Texas plant explosion will attend.  They’ll also present a new firetruck, $27,000 for new sports equipment, and a couple other big-money donations.


This burglar picked the wrong guy’s house to break into.  With his pregnant wife inside, the guy tackled the intruder, hog-tied him, and left him in the front yard for the cops.  As they headed over, he headed to work!  Ha!


How many Texans would you guess support background checks for gun owners?  72%!  Interesting, higher than I thought.


These thieves heisted $1.1 MILLION worth of vodka!  The 4500 bottles go for $250 each at the liquor store, and fetch $1200 at bars.


Q:  40,000 people a year are injured using this household item…


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