Blake Daily Blog: Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ Condoms; Too Much On Take Out!


Yep!  The hit “Get Lucky” has inspired Daft Punk to team with condom maker Durex to launch their own condoms… play safe!


Check out this gym in Portland, Oregon… Would you work out there if they came to Houston?  It’s free, sponsored by local businesses.  You just have to promise that after every workout, you “pay it forward,” doing 3 kind things for others.  Cool, no?


We each spend $900 PER YEAR on take0ut food, according to this study.  Whoa.  #1 takeout food?  Pizza, followed by burgers then Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Thai).


Water restrictions are in effect for League City after a water main break.


Congrats to the video team at Bellaire High School who produced the winning Don’t-Text-And-Drive PSA for Mayor Parker!

Winning video: Bellaire High School

2nd place:  Memorial High School

3rd place:  Kingwood High School


What percentage of kids in the library are ACTUALLY reading?  Only 18%, according to this study.  11% are on Facebook.


Would you do what this woman did if YOUR car was broken into?  The thief left his cell phone behind, so he dialed “mom.”  She answered and the theft victim explained the situation.  Instead of calling police, she went to the 19 year-old thief’s house and made him return other folks’ stolen items door-to-door.


MIX POP QUIZ   (Weekdays 7:20am)
Q:  5% of people eat THIS every day.
A:  Ice Cream!


BELTWAY BATTLE:  No winner!  (Weekdays 7:50am; 4 passes to Matchbox 20 in the Mix Live Lounge tomorrow!)


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