Lauren KellyBy Lauren Kelly

photo Today Is National Left Handers Day!

Forget about the ink that tends to stain your left pinky from writing, or the people who complain about us bumping into them while eating at the dinner table…today is our holiday lefties!

I for one LOVE being left handed. We are the chosen 10% of the world who think with the right side of our brains. That makes our creativity, imagination, emotions and intuitiveness way higher than those who are right handed and left brained. They tend to be more logical, rational and organized. Is that true for you?

According to, here are a few more fun facts about Lefties:

* Make up about 10% of the population
* Use the right side of the brain the most
* Live on average 9 years less than right handed people
* Make especially good baseball players, tennis players, swimmers, boxers and fencers
* August 13th – International Left Handers Day
* Draw figures facing to the right
* More likely to pursue creative careers
* Of the seven most recent U.S Presidents, 4 have been left handed
* Adjust to seeing underwater quicker (ok that’s odd, lol)

A few celeb lefties include Tom Cruise, Eminem, Albert Einstein, Julia Roberts, President Obama, Prince William, Jimi Hendrix, Michelangelo, Robert DeNiro and Kermit the Frog 😀

For more cool facts about left handed people, click HERE!


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