(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

Tis’ the season for a successful school year! When it comes to studies, books and other items can be heavy, bulky and difficult to transport in students’ backpacks.

So what are some ways students can maintain great back, leg and joint health as they transport those much-needed school tools in backpacks? Here are some things to consider for great “backpack health.”

1. What Do You Have? With the beginning of the new school year, now is the time to take inventory of all of the school tools that you have. What books do you have for each class? What notebooks, supplemental materials do you have? Are you a student who uses calculators? Do you need an iPad for classes? Spread out all of your tools on your bedroom floor and see what you have.

2. Make Arrangements When it’s time to load up your backpack, you may want to consider arranging your books, tools and other supplies in such as way that they will not slide around in the backpack. There’s nothing like walking, stepping up steps or graduated areas and feeling things “tumble” and “rumble” in your backpack. Those “rumbles” and “tumbles” can cause strain on your back, at least they did for me.

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

3. Conduct The “Necessary Test” When I was in school and I began to feel the strain of my backpack, I would hurry home and conduct the “necessary test”. The “Necessary Test” is one that checks to see if certain items need to be transported in the backpack. For example, in seventh grade, I had the history book that encompassed just about every event that took place in history. From the time the stars were hung in the sky to modern-day events that we needed to study, I do believe that my history book weighed approximately 20-100 lbs. (OK… perhaps that is a slight exaggeration, but it was heavy!) That history class was one that forced me to take expert notes in it because I did not want to bring that book home every evening in my backpack. So I would ensure I had taken great notes, received all of the handouts that were necessary for the class and asked all of the questions I needed to ask and simply bring my history book home in my backpack if it was absolutely necessary.

4. Put Some Wheels On It! If back strain from your backpack is a tremendous issue, perhaps a bag on wheels may be a better option for you. I like to call them the “businessmen airport bags” and they are the bags that have wheels. Having a bag on wheels takes away back strain conventional backpacks can cause and with the population of them, they come in many styles, colors and sizes.

5. Make Those Needed Adjustments Many times, I would notice that my backpack would cause strain because it was not properly adjusted to my body. Have you ever seen a student who has their backpack “dragging” from their back? Many times, poorly adjusted backpacks can “bounce” as a student walks. Consider adjusting the straps of your backpack to ensure they provide comfort and fit for you.

What tips do you use to alleviate back pain and back strain from your backpack? Share them with us as you enjoy related video below!


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