Save Your Money Monday: Shopping Those Labor Day Sales!

(Photo Credit: JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images)

There’s nothing like a great Labor Day sale and many stores and retailers are anxious to get rid of the merchandise and goods to make way for fall/autumn-themed articles and clothing.

So how do you rack up the savings if you are one of many who will spend your Labor Day hustling for bargains in the malls and stores around your town?

Check out ways you can not only save money, but get great deals on “end of summer” clothes and goods!

1. Get A Shopping Game Plan– If you are spending your Labor Day shopping, consider having a game plan. What are you in need of? Do you want items such as pants and shirts? Do need items for your home? Have a shopping game plan in mind so that you are not wasting time on your day off and you are able to maneuver through shops and public areas with ease.

2. Yes, It’s True: The “Early Bird Gets The Worm”– We have all been to stores where merchandise has been picked-over. So how can you avoid that lack-luster merchandise? You have to arrive early. Even if you have to visit several stores, the store that is your top -priority must be visited first in an effort to get great, non-picked-over goods. When a store advertises that “Gigantic Labor Day Sale”, chances are you are not the only person who knows about it. Some folks make shopping Labor Day sales a job and an art. You have to become one of those folks in order to get great deals.

3. Time-Management Skills Are Imperative– Remember how time-management works within your favor at your job? Time-management works within your favor when you are shopping. Consider having that game plan, arriving early and not wasting your time. You want to quickly scan your store and begin with a route, a plan and a “shopping blueprint” in mind and in hand. If you spend too much time in one store, you lessen your chances of getting great goods at the next store where you want to shop. So keep those time-management skills sharp and execute a great time-sensitive plan.

4. Negotiate! During one Labor Day sale at my favorite boutique, I saw some wonderful tanks that came in an array of colors. I noticed that they were each $15. I closed my eyes tightly and imagined that they were only $9. So I went over to the store manager and asked her that if I bought one in every color she had, could I have each tank at a reduced price. She mulled over my offer and do you know that she gave me each tank for a whopping $8?!?!?! I was so excited! Needless to day that to this day, I still have each and every tank. As a matter of fact, I am writing this piece in my red tank! They were made in every color you can conceive of. Remember: summer merchandise to a merchant during Labor Day is “old news”, but to you, it can still be “gold”. So if you see a great item and you want to pay a bit less for it, just ask the manger to knock off a few dollars. Now this will not work all of the time, but what do you have to lose by simply asking? Remember… ” You have not, because you ask not” (isn’t that how it goes?)

What other Labor Day money-saving shopping tips do you have? Share them as you enjoy related video below!


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