It’s Friday The 13th; Feeling Unlucky?

(Photo Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

It’s Friday the 13th and it is a day that represents the ills of the world.

So what do you know about the day? Are you aware of the facts surrounding that which is unlucky?

Let’s examine some “Friday the 13th Facts” and may you soon experience a windfall of wonderful memories and luck.

1. The number 13 is considered an “unlucky” number. The number 13 is considered unlucky because the number 12 represents ‚Äúcompleteness” or “wholeness.” Consider this: there are 12 months in a year and 12 hours on a clock, but when many contemplate the number 13,they get the shivers because it represents bad luck.

2. Did you know that there is a name for folks who have a “Friday the 13th phobia”? It’s called: friggatriskaidekaphobia.Seriously.

3. This Friday, September the 13, 2013 will come again… yes, another Friday the 13 will happen. Wanna know when the next one will be? It will happen again on December 13, 2013.

4. According to, one psychotherapist, who specializes in the treatment of phobias, stated that 21 million Americans fear Friday the 13th.

5. So do you want to avoid bad luck today? Well then, touch, knock or even kiss wood, hold on to your mirrors tightly, avoid black cats and just… well just speak luck into your life.

OK, so since I am scaring myself with all of these facts, I will end things here and point you to related video below. Happy Friday the 13th… (can I say that? I guess so)


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