‘Lauren’s Lowdown’: Kris & Bruce Jenner Split! Billy Ray Cyrus Regrets Not Twerking

Author: Lauren Kelly

(Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

Kris and Bruce Jenner announced yesterday that they’re separating after 22 years of marriage. Kris said, “We are living apart.  But there is no animosity.  We are united and committed to our family.”She added, “We ended a marriage, but that’s not the end of our friendship.  I will always love him, but we are [no] longer a couple in that way.

For whatever reason, they have no plans to divorce.  Apparently, they’re cool with the way things are. As for why they split . . . sources say Kris is addicted to celebrity, and Bruce wanted to live a much simpler life. Hollywoodlife.com claims Kris allegedly wants to date younger men.


When Kanye West freaked out on Jimmy Kimmel two weeks ago, some people thought it was STAGED.  Let’s face it, Kimmel seems to be the king of pranking us these days. So did the two have a change of heart? Jimmy just announced that Kanye will be a guest on his show TONIGHT, but he’s still insisting that their fight was NOT a prank.  He Tweeted, quote, “For real, yes.  And was it all a set-up, no.”


Tom Hanks was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he revealed on Monday’s episode of the Late Show with David Letterman.

He explained that he’d been battling high blood sugar numbers for decades. “I went to the doctor and he said, ‘You know those high blood sugar numbers you’ve been dealing with since you were 36? Well, you’ve graduated. You’ve got type 2 diabetes, young man.”


Snoop Dogg and Kate Upton are in a new Hot Pockets commercial together,(wait what??) and it’s just as crazy as it sounds.  It’s 4 ½ minutes long . . . it starts with a cameo by Larry King . . . and the rest is a music video parody of Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend”.


Billy Ray Cyrus did an interview with Nancy O’Dell for “Entertainment Tonight,” and he talked about Miley’s performance at the VMAs. He said if he’d only twerked with a foam finger at the CMAs during the height of his career, more people would have remembered him.

Side note, Miley’s mom Tish is now taking pictures with her tongue out. Oy.


Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have named their new born son Maceo-Robert, a source close to the couple confirms to People Magazine.  The “Maceo” part is said to be of Spanish origin – Martinez’s father, Robert Martinez, was a Spanish boxer – and means “gift of God.”  TMZ.com was the first to report the name.


Perez Hilton claims Liam Hemsworth’s sister-in-law may have had something to do with him and Miley splitting. A source tells the site, “She spent the last year freezing Miley out in some kind of passive-agressive move. Elsa is totally against Miley and Liam getting back together. Miley desperately wants to get back with Liam and believes she can because she’s done it before. But to do that, she’s going to have to win over Elsa!”


Starpulse Magazine claims that long time couple Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova have moved into a new $26 million Miami mansion. Their neighbors include Cher, Lil Wayne and Ricky Martin. The home has a view of Miami, a lap pool and a Jacuzzi.


Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) recently told Ellen he has a crush on Katy Perry. The Sun quotes Katy as saying: ”Oh please, this isn’t the third grade. Just ring me, Daniel. Don’t be shy, or get your people to call mine if you like. ‘I am totally taken so it’s not about that. I think he’s cool and I’d really like to get to know him. We’ll all go out and party.”

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