Murder and Vodka In Sippy Cups At Chicago (The Musical)

10th Anniversary Of Broadway's "Chicago" - Dress Rehearsal

Brent Barrett Plays Billy Flynn on this tour.
(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Chicago, the iconic Broadway musical, is in town this week at the Hobby Center!

…Which means, you can sit back with your liquor-filled sippy cup and watch wronged women exact sweet revenge!  (With some INCREDIBLE dancing set to that iconic music… and “all that jazz.”)

If you’re not a Hobby Center regular, maybe you’re going: “What is wrong with him?  Why would he drink an over-21 beverage from and under-3 vessel?”

Well instead of gulping down your pre-show or intermission drinks, the folks at 800 Bagby have come up with a genius solution: the adult sippy cup.  So now you can take your cocktail into the beautiful Sarofim Hall and enjoy it while you’re enjoying the show!

And there was a lot to enjoy in Chicago, from the classic Fosse choreography to the music and singing, and the now-classic tale that blends murder, justice, love, and fame into one horn-blaring night of passionate theatre!

If you saw the movie, but have never seen the stage production, hit up Chicago this week.

And if you get a double in your sippy cup, get an aisle seat.


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