50 Things Every Man Should Know

This was something I found on BroBible which I love via Wall Street Insanity and it’s 50 things every guy should know.  What do you think?  It’s a pretty decent list.  Some of my own would be how to teach your kid how to throw hit and catch a baseball, pick out an engagement ring without her knowing (and it being the one she wants), replace the guts in a toilet, how to make a decent chili and bbq, and when to let go of trends too young for you like fist bumping, or pounding, or calling each other dawg with a “w”.

  1. If you always believe you’re the smartest guy in the room, you’ll never learn anything.
  2. Figure out how you would be of value in a post-apocalyptic society.
  3. Learn CPR, the Heimlich and basic first aid.
  4. Save money. Rainy days can come out of nowhere.
  5. Your wife/girlfriend is not your mother.
  6. A strong work ethic is a good substitute for being smart.
  7. If you’re not happy, stop what you’re doing and do something else. Right now.
  8. Keep your bathroom clean and your bed made if you want a woman to use either.
  9. Be confident not cocky.
  10. Remember people’s names.
  11. If you can’t drive a stick, parallel park or jump-start a car, I’m sorry, but you can’t call yourself a man.
  12. If making money is you’re only goal in life, you’ll never be happy because you’ll never have enough.
  13. Know how to tell a good story. If you can’t capture people’s attention, you’re just some dude in the background.
  14. Quality trumps quantity every time.
  15. Do at least 50 push-ups every day.
  16. Gentlemen are a dying breed. Be one and you’ll stand out.
  17. Don’t sleep with anyone you wouldn’t buy breakfast for the next day.
  18. If this is the longest thing you’ve read all week, that’s sad. Crack a book once in a while, idiot.
  19. Own up to mistakes, even if you’re not the one who made them. Nobody likes or respects the guy who refuses to accept any blame.
  20. Learn how to change a tire and make sure to help anyone who can’t do it themselves.
  21. No one cares about your religion. Whether you’re a devout fundamentalist or a staunch atheist, keep it to yourself.
  22. Stop holding grudges. It accomplishes nothing.
  23. Be honest in all your relationships. Liars suck.
  24. If you know how to play guitar, it’s much easier to get laid.

50. Relax. Whatever it is, it’s not that big a deal.


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