‘Lauren’s Lowdown’: Bradley Cooper Gains 40 Pounds; Guess Who Originally Recorded Pharrell’s “Happy”


Contact Music claims Bradley Cooper has gained 40 pounds for his next role as a Navy Seal. His co-star Eric Close tells E! News: ”He put on like 40 pounds. He’s really been working hard. He looks great. He’s really taken on this character…He really takes this story personally and wants to do an honorable job for Chris’ memory and for his family.”

Check out the pics of a BUFF Bradley HERE!


Pharrell told Howard Stern that Cee Lo Green originally recorded the song ”Happy”. ”Cee Lo wanted to do it, and he did do it. He sounded amazing on it. He burns my version. But, how do I say this diplomatically? The powers that be, at the time, did not see it fit for him. Some folks on his team just felt that the priority should be on [his album CeeLo’s Magic Moment], so they elected not to do that song.”


David Spade says he is working on “Joe Dirt 2.” “We’re putting it together now and seeing if we can keep it as funny and with the music we like for a lower budget. I just don’t want to burn the fans and want to make it good, so me and the other writer are combing through the sequel and trying to make it make sense and have good music and be funny within the parameters. So hopefully it will be soon, or it will be too pointless.”


Contact Music claims Adele has purchased a $25,000 playhouse for her son. A source tells the site: ”Adele isn’t usually one to splash out on things. She’s never been one for the usual celebrity trappings. A couple of her friends have the playhouses and she thought it would be the perfect gift. It’s the kind of thing he’ll never get bored of either — he’ll still be hanging out in it with his mates when he’s 10.”


Miley Cyrus had to cancel some European shows because she is still recovering from her allergic reactions. Her doctors are not allowing her  to travel.


US Weekly claims Derek Hough is dating Twilight star Nikki Reed. A fan, who saw them out, tells the magazine: ”The whole group was drinking and partying. Derek bought shots for Nikki at the bar. There was lots of PDA, Nikki was feeding him, holding hands, and they left together. They didn’t seem to care if anyone was watching.”


James Franco tells Howard Stern that he never slept with Lindsay Lohan. “It’s a lie. I will swear on my mother’s life that I never had sex with her. I will swear on anything you ask that I have never had sex with Lindsay Lohan. All right, we maybe kissed… it was lame. I can’t believe she put me on that private list, she’s so delusional! When we made out it was so long ago … I was like a nice guy.”

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