‘Lauren’s Lowdown’: Beyonce’s New RAUNCHY T-Shirts; J.Lo’s NickName Generator


Unless you’re REALLY trying to make a statement, I don’t think a lot of people would actually wear Beyonce’s new t-shirt out in public but hey, it IS Beyonce…so I could be wrong.

Bey released a new tee with the word “BLOW” printed in big capital letters and images of cherries on the shoulders from her emoji T-shirt collection.

Take a look at the t-shirt by clicking HERE, and tell me what you think!


Jennifer Lopez has a lot of nick names. To celebrate her new album “AKA“, J.Lo is giving us the chance to get our very own nicknames through a nickname generator on the homepage of her official website.

This is course is to help promote her new album which just hit stores this week.

My name is ALICIA CUBANO…what’s yours??


Speaking of J.Lo…

TMZ claims her and Marc Anthony‘s divorce is final. Neither gets spousal or child support and both must protect their kids from the paparazzi. Nannies must be present when Marc has the kids, plus both parents each get to take the kids trick-or-treating separately.


Katy Perry was recently performing in London when she gave a beer…to a fan

I was just expecting my guitar but I have a pint of beer … I’ve got to stop (drinking it) otherwise I’ll be burping through this song. Someone help me out with this beer. I’m looking for a specific person, the guy who was dragged here by his girlfriend. You sir have this and have my cooties forever.”

AWESOME. I love this girl!


Ed Sheeran told E! News that he likes to stalk people on social media. Heym WHO DOESN’T rght?? lol

He said, ”I like going to Instagram and, like, stalking, but I don’t like going to Instagram and having everything there. Twitter’s the worst because I followed so many people back in the day just to be polite all they do is retweet compliments…It’s just all retweets! In Hollywood I just kind of like to be open and go out and enjoy myself, and make stories. You know, make stories that I can tell in 20 years and be like, ‘That happened one time, that was pretty fun.”’


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