Should Lauren Sign Up To Be On ‘The Bachelor’? Help Her Decide!


Soooo as I was watching ‘Bachelors In Paradise‘ last night with my sister, a few of my friends thought it would be in my best interest to sign up for the next season of ‘The Bachelor‘. My first thoughts…”UM NOOOO WAY! I’m not crazy like these people!!” However, this was just ONE of the many texts like this I got last night…


Here’s my story:

I’m 32, single, and even though I vow NOT to watch each season, I ALWAYS END UP GETTING INVOLVED ANYWAY! (the shirtless guy eye candy doesn’t hurt) Should I suck it up and apply to be ON the show?

Here’s something you guys may not already know: In the fall of 2006, I was actually a finalist to be on the show when Prince Lorenzo Borghese was the bachelor. I didn’t make it all the way because producers decided on another Houstonian that year –  Erica Rose, and let’s just say she made WAY better tv than I could have that season.

Fast forward to 2014…and I’m just as single as I was 8 years ago. I’m tired of going out and trying to meet people in bars, and I absolutely do NOT trust my friend’s set ups. (if I hear “I’ve got someone perfect for you!” one more time…) Honestly, now signing up for the show doesn’t seem as bad of an idea as I thought it was before.

So here’s where YOU all come in. Do you guys think I should really sign up to be on the show? Yes, we know it turns into the MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY every season, the odds of relationships lasting are slim, and there’s enough tears for an entire soap opera…but WHAT IF they’ve got someone great for me to meet?

My sister made a Facebook post, and I said if she gets 1000 likes on it then I will sign up. If you think I should really do this, then CLICK HERE and “like” my sister’s status. (heads up: you will have to log in to your FB profile to be able to hit like)

Wish me luck!


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