Guy Gets Busted After Entering Police Donut Eating Contest

The police department in Elizabeth City, North Carolina held a donut-eating contest last week as part of an anti-crime rally. A 24-year-old guy named Bradley Hardison DOMINATED . . . he ate eight Krispy Kreme glazed donuts in two minutes. He got a trophy and a write-up in the local newspaper. And that was a problem for him . . . because it turns out he’s a WANTED CRIMINAL.

Bradley has a warrant out for his arrest for three different felony burglaries . . . he broke into a grocery store in November, a few mobile homes in December, and a mall in May. A lieutenant with the Camden County, North Carolina Sheriff’s Office saw the article and recognized Bradley immediately. He was INSULTED that Bradley would enter a police department’s donut eating contest when he’s been on the run for nine months. He tracked down Bradley and arrested him that day.

Camden County Sheriff’s Office

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