‘Lauren’s Lowdown’: Channing Tatum In His BOXERS; ‘Bachelors In Paradise’ Recap

Channing Tatum is the latest celeb to go on a crazy outdoor adventure with Bear Grylls in the new episode of “Running Wild” that aired last night on NBC.

The clips below show the two jumping from a helicopter into the water, (and then taking their pants off! lol) dancing like bears, descending from a huge rock cliff, and even ate some pretty weird stuff! Check it out!


Bachelors In Paradise’ Recap:

At the start of the episode, we learned the real reason why Michelle K. bowed out of last week’s premiere episode. Turns out she had been getting romantic with the show’s producer, Ryan Putz.

Michelle K. was actually in her hotel room with Ryan when someone from the show decided to check up on her. Ryan hid on a balcony to avoid getting spotted and ended falling to the ground 25 feet and breaking both of his ankles. Wth?? SO WEIRD.

Chris Bukowski was the next guy to show up and he hit it off with Elise (even made out with her in the ocean! ) But didn’t Elise claim to already be in love with Dylan just last week? Whatevs.

Zack Kalter was another new contestant to the game who showed up last night who got along pretty well with Clare. The two hit it off immediately .

Dylan got a date card and chose Sarah instead of Elise, who was certain she would be chosen. Sarah initially turns down Dylan’s invite, since she’s besties with Elise, but she decides to go on the date and seems to have fun with him.

Then out of nowhere, Marcus finds a love letter in Ben‘s backpack which turned out to be from someone Ben is in love with after having met her just three weeks before the show started. Ben then voluntarily left on his own.

Just before the rose ceremony, Michelle M. had an awkward exchange with Marquel in which he told her she “likes to drink,” even though Marquel himself was drinking from a wine glass at the time. (wait, what?) Michelle M. then chats with Robert, and the two seem to click.

At the rose ceremony: Lacy chose Marcus, AshLee gave hers to Graham, Clare opted for Zack. Then, the shockers came, with Michelle M. sticking with Marquel, much to Robert’s surprise. Elise tried to give her rose to Dylan, but he turned it down, leading to the oddest speech of all time. She then gave hers to Chris, and Sarah gave hers to Robert, meaning Dylan was sent home.  Whew, I’m exhausted after that.


19 year-old teen bride Courtney Stodden has reconciled with her 54 year-old (husband) Doug Hutchison. Her mom tells Fox 411: “Courtney realized just how much love she really had for Doug. They really love each other and wanted to be together. She experienced other men and realized she wanted to be with her original choice, her husband.”


Jersey Shore star Pauly D has ditched his blowout in favor of regular spiked hair. Check out a pic below!

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