Pumpkin Spice Oreos

Last year, we saw the blueprint for a world with complete pumpkin spice penetration across all foods and beverages. We expected more new pumpkin spice products for this fall . . . and right on cue, here’s the first.

Okay, when did we become so obsessed with pumpkin? You’d swear it’s some kind of strange, precious, volcanic rock from the moon that contains healing power strong enough to cure Ebola. Pumpkins have been around forever and all of a sudden they’re a limited time product that people will maim, kill, and sell their newborns for. It’s just pumpkin people. With that said….

It looks like the newest limited edition Oreo flavor is Pumpkin Spice Oreos. It’s pumpkin spice cream between two vanilla Oreo wafers. We’re not sure when or where these might go on sale, but based on how Oreo usually does it, they should be on sale here soon . . . probably at either Target or Walmart. There’s also a rumor that there will be Caramel Apple Oreos this fall. Oreo has really been escalating the amount of limited edition flavors they put out over the past few years. Some of the other fall flavors they’ve put out in the past years are Candy Corn Oreos and Gingerbread Oreos.

via The Consumerist

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