Could YOU Be A ‘Real Housewife’ Of Houston?

Author: Lauren Kelly

Houston, it looks like we may have another problem…we could be the center for a new season of the “Real Housewives” franchise, and producers could be looking for YOU!

Producers for the Real Housewives of Miami have been “scouting” the Texas Medical Center for female doctors and wives of physicians willing to fight with other females open their lives for cameras and American to see.

According to CultureMap, “casting needs to wrap within the next couple of weeks and there are still positions to fill. So step up ladies. If you are attractive, aged between twentysomething and fortysomething (though that age requirement is not rock solid) and have medicine in your life, you can reach out to Purveyors of Pop at”

Purveyors of Pop’s casting director Natalie Terrell said any medical connection will work — female dentist, plastic surgeon, cancer researcher, pharmaceutical mogul or gals married to anyone in lab coat or scrubs.

“We’re looking for an amazing cast, women with dynamic personalities who can give us access to their world,” Terrell said. “This is for real.”

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