Dads Getting NO Credit Again

Here’s the story. Scroll down dafter to read my rant as I fear dads get the shaft when it comes to this stuff.

A new survey found the average mother does 42 jobs every single day and half of them are before 9:00 A.M. Every mom’s list of daily jobs is different, but there are 10 that made pretty much every mom’s list.

1. Getting the kids out of bed.

2. Getting breakfast ready.

3. Cleaning up after breakfast.

4. Doing laundry.

5. Folding and putting away laundry.

6. Vacuuming.

7. Planning out dinner.

8. Making dinner.

9. Cleaning up after dinner.

10. Helping the kids get cleaned up and ready for bed.

Now I do EVERY SINGLE THING on that list EXCEPT get the kids up and ready for school and that’s only because I’m already at work. I get to the station at 3:45 a.m. One thing I don’t do enough of is cook. I’ll give my wife that but everything else she can’t deny I do. I felt bad the other night about never cooking so I grilled us some filets and they were damn good! Love you honey:)

Stop helping to spread the whole “Dads are baboons and can’t do anything” stereotype and give dads in 2014 their due credit. A lot of us deserve it.


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