‘Lauren’s Lowdown’: Did Lady Gaga Get MARRIED?; Beyonce Cuts SUPER SHORT Bangs

Author: Lauren Kelly

Did Lady Gaga and her longtime boyfriend Taylor Kinney secretly get married??

Rumors are flying that Ms. Gaga and the “Chicago Fire” actor either have made things official with a commitment ceremony or are soon to head down the aisle because of a ring that Taylor was spotted wearing ON THAT FINGER!

Two weeks ago co-star Sophia Bush shared a photo on Instagram of Kinney wearing a ring with the hashtags #ThatsHisPersonalRing #NotForTheShow #EveryoneCalmDown.

Check it out!


Beyonce cut her bangs recently, and they are REALLY short. I’m talking Betty Paige style to where it almost looks like she let her daughter Blue Ivy use the scissors…


The best part about this new ‘do is everyone’s reaction on Twitter though. Check out a pic of Bey’s new bangs and the hilarious tweets about the haircut HERE!


Amy Poehler has an autobiography on the way called “Yes, Please” . . . and in it, there’s a chapter called “Obligatory Drug Stories,” where she details her experiences with cocaine, mushrooms and ecstasy.  Now that she’s a mother she’s off hard drugs . . . but she still smokes pot occasionally.


Simon Cowell freely admits he lets the nannies do the heavy-lifting when it comes to his 8-month-old son Eric.  He says, quote, “I’m going to be honest, I’m not exactly a hands-on dad.  I want to fast forward a few years so I can take him go-karting and then introduce him to women.”


During a Q&A on U2‘s Facebook page, someone said that it was “rude” of them to have their album automatically downloaded into everybody’s iTunes playlist.  Bono responded, quote, “Oops . . . I’m sorry about that.  I had this beautiful idea and we got carried away with ourselves.  Artists are prone to that kind of thing.”

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