Sleeping With More Than 20 Women Lowers Your Cancer Risk

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

A study of men in Montreal says those who’ve slept with more than 20 women had a 28% lower risk of prostate cancer than men who’d slept with just one woman. On a personal note, I never trust a guy who’s only slept with one woman. That may sound harsh but it goes against EVERYTHING a man’s body and mind tell him to do. When you suppress that I think there’s something else going on inside your brain that may be a lot worse. I am NOT a psychologist and in NO WAY can prove this theory. It’s JUST a gut feeling. I’m not saying you have to go around and whore your way through your 20’s. I’m just saying ONE? REALLY? JUST ONE? There’s something un-natural about that.

Virgins faced double the cancer risk faced by those who were sexually active. Earlier studies show that (how do I put this?) Frequent touchdown dances help prevent prostate cancer. The lead researcher of the study says, “I don’t think we can say that men should run out and sleep with as many women as they can. But I think men want to hear that.”


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