Survive Black Friday ‘Walking Dead’ Style

This is not the time to browse people, this is a day for the focused, the motivated…the type of people that stand in line for 12 hours just waiting on the darn doors to open. Don’t be naive, be that 50′ flat screen TV for $200 that 10,000 other shoppers want to snag…be the TV!! Start with making a list, a plan, have back up plans, prepare for shopping special ops. After the game-plan has been decided, enter the retail Apocalypse armed with this advice:

1. Designate a leader.

2. Leave the kids at home.
They are too young and innocent for Black Friday — they will only drag you down.

3. Psych yourself up beforehand.
Only the most alert shoppers will survive.

4. Make sure your vehicle can handle the challenge.
If you think holiday shopping is all about being on your feet, think again. You will need to make a smooth getaway if you’re going to multiple shopping spots.

5. Do whatever it takes to score that prime parking spot.
It’s park or be parked on out there.

6. Do not give away your location.
Never check in on social media. Potential enemies are all around you. Besides, who has time for that when you’re fighting off swarms of moms for the last Elsa doll?

7. Be wary of the mindless hoards…
Shoppers out there are still full from Thanksgiving.

8. Never take your eyes off your target.
You’ve got a plan — now stick to it.

9. Always act fast.
Get in, get your stuff and get out. Don’t be a hero.

10. Respect other shoppers.
You never know when you’ll need an ally.

11. Have a buddy.
You need to know someone’s got your back.

12. Don’t let the shopping frenzy get out of hand.
You’re all here to get a good deal.

13. Ask other shoppers for tips.
You’d be surprised at how helpful other people can be when confronted with Black Friday peril.

14. Take pleasure in all your victories.
It’s the best part.

15. And if you’re unsuccessful, don’t beat yourself up.
What matters is that you survived.

via Mashable

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