Chris Pratt Daily Two Gallon Challenge

Well, it’s certainly one way to shed those holiday LB’s…but could you stomach drinking two gallons of water a day?! That’s exactly what Chris Pratt did to shed over 60lbs in 6 months in preparation for his super-hot ‘Star Lord’ role.

He auditioned for the part weighing in at a paunchy 300lbs, and MARVEL posed a get-fit challenge that he readily accepted and in-turn snagged some pretty intense attention over his final results.

Here he is before:



And the incredible Instagram-after



He paired up with a nutritionist and in addition to cleaning-up his eating habits (you know, the FUN part) he banned the brew and brought on the water…in a big way. Drinking 1oz for every pound he weighed, Pratt was consuming about 2 full gallons of water a day.

“I was peeing all day long, every day. That part was a nightmare,” he told the Huffington Post.

via Inquisitr

What did women ever do to the Universe where we have to be relegated to 500 calorie hormone diets and 2-a-days to maybe drop a dress size, and all a dude has to do is drop the beer, up the agua and they sweat out the equivalent of a small child?

So. Not. Ideal.

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