Get The Most Out Of Cyber Monday

I know several friends/family members that haven’t set foot in a retail store or mall in half a decade thanks to the online shopping advances. They’re not hermits or anything, they’ve just embraced the peace brought to you by PayPal*.

Numbers tallying now show Black Friday retail shopping is down about 7% overall; with a 14% jump in online sales on Thanksgiving Day and 9.5% on Black Friday.

However those gifts get under the tree, it always helps to go into these situations with a game-plan, like when you went into Black Friday with ‘Walking Dead’ gusto.

Certain items are better suited for Cyber Monday…

Electronics for one, experts say that you can get a better deal on a computer on a Monday versus any other day of the week, regardless of Cyber Monday. So, double WIN!

Other electronics to look for include cameras, TVs, Apple merchandise, video games and video gaming systems.

Appliances. Re-doing the kitchen? Then THIS is the time of year to put those appliances on your wish list. Unless, you didn’t want to get that 26ft french -door fridge for 46% off??

Appliance deals for washing machines, dryers, refrigerators ovens, etc. can run anywhere from 24%-50+% off.

Toys. Look for popular electronic and fad toys to be on sale. It’s typically a good idea to nab those items early as they sell out fast. This is especially important because toys don’t need to be tried on or personally inspected in-store.

Travel. An unconventional gift choice, but one growing in popularity for sure!! Instead of the couple of hundred of dollars you spend on gift cards for your in-laws…send them on trip for almost the same amount of money and reap the added bonus of being a holiday hero! Cyber Monday is a great time to check for deep discounts on airfares, hotels and vacation packages. It’s also a good time to consider sending your mother-in-law to Barbados for the holidays, on your dime.

Timing is of the essence even on the interWebs, so, get cracking early. Like, midnight early…don’t forget the Bailey’s for the coffee.

Gather your coupons the night before. Be sure you read the fine print, as some merchants may exclude use on certain days like Cyber Monday.

As with shopping in the stores, some online merchants offer the equivalent of “door buster deals”, which means the offer only stands for a limited time.

Be aware of the ‘time-sensetive’ sales…some sites will have clocks ticking over with a measure showing how few of the deal are left. Good sites will reserve the product for five minutes to allow you time to work through the different payment pages.

Protect your purchases. Take a screenshot copy and keep the email copy. If anything goes wrong, such as the item not turning up, the item turning up damaged, the item not being what you ordered or it just isn’t what you want, you’ll need these receipts as proof of purchase.

via Wikihow

Let’s face it…if I can save just as much money and NOT have to sit in traffic on 610/I-10/290/45/249 (ok, Christmas shopping traffic PERIOD), then I’m a happy little holiday camper! Probably happy enough bounce out another couple of bucks for my budget, or, that may just be the Bailey’s in my coffee talking.

*Peace NOT brought to you by PayPal

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