Lindsay Lohan’s New App Is Ironic And Unoriginal

Lindsay Lohan is now in the gaming app arena, Bless her heart. The embattled hot mess has just released “The Price of Fame”, an RPG (role playing game) that will take you to some of Hollywood’s most posh crack-dens and police stations. 

In a statement on her website:

I’ve developed a new mobile game called “The Price Of Fame” and its ready for you! Available on iPhone, Android and tablets, you can become a famous celebrity just like me, but there is a lot of DRAMA along the way!

In this game you are the celebrity, you pick your fashion and gain fans based off what you do and how you play! I’m already up to 2 billion fans where are you at?

In her game, you’ll dress up in hot fashions, gain fans, and get into ‘drama’ (whatever that means)…and it’s not AT ALL similar to Kim Kardashian’s RPG game where you dress up in hot fashions, gain fans, and get into ‘drama’. It really isn’t, because it looks like she recruited an army of elementary school aged animators to design it.

Lindsay Lohan is used to following in others footsteps and falling flat on her face. So, I don’t quite see her raking in the sick amount of millions that Kim did…but maybe she’ll make enough to cover that next stint in rehab?

– Sarah E!

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