All Wrapped Up

My morning was comprised of coffee and gift-wrapping. Probably one of my favorite parts of the season. It’s calming, and wholly satisfying because that means I’m done with Christmas shopping and can pretty much relax. I even got the holiday grocery shopping done! *Don’t Hate* So, I’m talking with Lauren and Cody Robbins about all things wrapping paper because I was SO jazzed that I found really nice paper for $1 a roll! Seriously, have you seen what some places charge for wrapping paper that’s gonna be just ripped off and into the recycling bin within minutes?! Lauren said she would’ve gotten this one roll had it not been $11 freaking dollars!! That paper better wrap itself around the gift for that much. Cody is a bagger. No muss, no fuss…straight up bag, tissue paper and bow. I can be a bagger at times too, aren’t we all? This year though…she went super modern; ordered her gifts from Amazon already wrapped and card included! Cody, she’s one smart cookie.

Well, all my gifts are wrapped and I thought I’d share the fruits of my labor:

Teddy Bear lending a paw

The final product!

Did you know that women will wrap an average of 10.3 more gifts than a man will during Christmas?

Men, what slacka wrappas! 🙂

Happy Wrapping!

– Sarah E!

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