Back To The Future Part II: What It Got Right, Wrong

Ok, we’ve made it to 2015…and where the heck is my Hoverboard?!! Granted, we still have 10 months until Marty McFly landed in the future on Oct. 21, 2015…so maybe there’s still a chance? Please??

Since “Back to the Future Part 2” was set in 2015, let’s take a look at what they got right and wrong.

What did they get WRONG? Well, according to the movie, faxing is HUGE in 2015, and there are still phone booths everywhere. Also, lawyers have been abolished (wouldn’t THAT be awesome??).

We don’t have flying cars yet . . . but a company called AeroMobil does make a car that turns into a small airplane. This is probably a good thing though, people can barely control themselves on the roadways. One shudders to think how they would handle a flight plan. We’ve already got enough trouble with experienced pilots falling out of the sky, much less having ol’ whiskey-dent Daryl behind the wheel of a flying vehicle.

We also don’t have hoverboards quite yet. A company is developing one (Glory BE!!), but it relies on magnets, meaning they can only be ridden on a specialized metal surface (metalize ALL the surfaces!!).

As for what the movie got RIGHT; the movie pretty much nailed  Big-screen flat TVs . . . communication technologies like Skype and FaceTime . . . thumbprint biometrics . . . and video glasses that work sort of like Google Glass.


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