Bae, you Cray-Cray To Keep Using These Words

Lake Superior State University in Michigan just released its annual list of words that need to be BANNED.
They compile this list every year releasing a list every year of words that should be stricken from people’s vocabularies because people are plain SICK of hearing them, based on thousands of nominations from people around the world.

They released their list of words that need to go in 2015 yesterday . . . here are some of their best picks.

1. “Bae” . . . it’s either an acronym that means “before anyone else” or just a shorter version of the word “baby.” Either way, it was easily number one.

2. “Polar vortex.”

3. “Hack” . . . specifically how it’s overused now, where any tip, advice, or shortcut is referred to as a “hack.”

4. “Skill set.”

5. “Swag.”

6. “Foodie.”

7. “Cray-cray.”

8. “Nation” . . . as a suffix referring to sports teams. Like “Texans nation,” “Rockets nation” and so on.

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