Houston Woman Marries…HERSELF!

Author: Lauren Kelly

Sometimes, YOU JUST GET SICK OF WAITING FOR A MAN. (trust me, I know from my current situation, lol)

With that being said, Houston woman Yasmin Eleby gave herself until the age of 40 to find a husband. The years went by yet she found herself approaching 40 and still single, so she decided to marry HERSELF.

According to an article on the website LoveBScott, Yasmin gave herself her own dream wedding in front of family and friends. Now, she couldn’t legally marry herself, so the ceremony was purely spiritual. One of her sisters, who happens to be a minister, helped perform the ceremony. Her other three sisters were bridesmaids and her mother gave her away…to herself.

The lovely ceremony happened at the Houston Museum of African American Culture.

For pictures, CLICK HERE and HERE.


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