Phillip Phillips Files Suit Against ‘American Idol’ Producers Who ‘Manipulated’ Him

By Shannon Carlin

American Idol season 11 winner Phillip Phillips has filed a lawsuit against 19 Entertainment, the co-producers of the reality show, who he says have “manipulated” him.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Phillips filed a complaint with the California Labor Commissioner claiming 19 Entertainment violated the state’s Talent Agencies Act.

In the complaint, Phillips reveals that after winning the show in 2012, he was forced to perform “without compensation in a live show promoting the company JetBlue on Feb., 18, 2013.”

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He also says he was unaware of the title of his last album before it was announced to the public, claiming they never asked for his input in naming. 19 Entertainment also allegedly hired a producer for his last album that made more on royalties than Phillips did.

Phillips is seeking to end his various contracts with 19, which reportedly takes as much as a 40 percent cut from the artist.


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