Checking Your Work Email at Home Is Bad For You

Well, I think we all know that even though sometimes it’s impossible to NOT check it from home. But here is something concrete to back it up.

Watch out if you’re one of those people like me who check work email from home. It can take a toll on you and your personal life. Researchers at UT Arlington looked at the lives of 341 people for a week and the emails and communication they received outside of their normal work hours. People became angry when they received a work email or text after the workday had ended. They were extra annoyed (as we all are) when that email was negative in some form or fashion.
It was really bad when a supervisor did the emailing, since you usually feel obligated to give in to your supervisor’s demands. People who try and keep their work and personal lives very separate are called “segmentors” and after-hours emails really affected their personal lives.

Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Two things you can take away from this study. Employers should try to focus on the positive things in after-work emails, while employees should consider working for companies whose communication policies meet their needs (which is probably no one so good luck finding that company).



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