Walking Dead Recap: ‘You Should Keep Your Gates Closed’

By Brian Ives

“We were almost out there too long,” Glenn (Steven Yeun) says in his interview/audition for Alexandria residency (everyone in the cast was interviewed on video – but why?).

Almost? Some of his traveling companions may have been “out there” entirely too long.

Alexandria seems too good to be true: it’s a remarkably well preserved gated community that few of them could have afforded to live in before the zombie apocalypse. Not only do the homes look nice: they also have running water and electricity. The community is led by Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh) a former Congresswoman, who recognizes that Rick’s group possess a survival instinct that the current residents of Alexandria either never had, or have lost.

But that survival instinct may have made our friends feral; they may no longer be suited for domestic life. As Rick (Andrew Lincoln) says to Deanna during his interview, “You should keep your gates closed.” Why, she asks. “It’s all about survival now, at any cost. People out there are always looking for an angle. Looking to play on your weakness.”

The Congresswoman (and we, the viewers) wondered if he was warning her, or if he was already being protective of his new home. As it turns out: probably both. There are early signs that this may not work out: Team Rick wasn’t welcomed by all the residents. Glenn didn’t take kindly to being treated as a newbie (by a self-admitted “douchebag”) on his first supplies run; this led to a fight that almost broke into a full-on brawl. Glenn knocked the said douche on his ass; Deanna thanked him for that (clearly the guy needed a butt kicking) and it even made Maggie (Lauren Cohen) smile. If we were betting types, we’d say that this guy is as dead as one of those nameless red shirt science officers on Star Trek (original series, obviously).

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