Dozens Watch As Woman Fights Off Attacker

Pradnya Mandhare of Mumbai, Maharashtra was attacked by a drunk man at a train station in plain daylight while dozens of people just watched. The 20-year-old media studies student was on her way home from her classes at Sathaye College in western India`s Maharashtra State when a man approached her at the stop and started to grope her.

‘I was really shocked when he came up and just started groping me, and I try to get away from him but he grabbed me then,” she said in an interview with Dailymail.

Mandhare was shocked when no one attempted to help, so she took the matters into her own hands and fought the attacker off with her purse. She even dragged the man to the local police station.

‘The only thing to do because nobody else was doing anything was to hit him and so I belted him with my bag,” Mandhare said.

Her attacker tried to fight back, but she was determined not to let him get away, “I know that women don’t like to complain to the police but I was determined to make sure he was punished.”

Manhdare is now being praised as an example for all women to stand up for themselves and not be ashamed to “take the law into their own hands.”

The shocker here is that everyone watched and no one did anything. Recently, a PSA #WhoWillYouHelp became a trending topic on social media. The video shows different situations in which sexual assault happens and the person witnessing it is thanked for not being a “snitch.” Watch the video to see how it plays out in the end. Thankfully, this girl was able to fight for herself.




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