Weird Things I Found On Groupon

Ever shopped on Groupon? I’m guilty of buying a few novelty items from the discounts and deals site myself (Phone case, Charger and Gloves that let you text,) but there’s also things on there that just baffle me and I can’t be the only one questioning who would need these things.

Banana Bunker

Because you never know when you’ll need to protect your banana

Spotlight for your sneakers

Maybe it makes you feel like you’re running REALLY fast.

Bacon Socks

Ok, I guess if you like bacon so much you need socks that say it. I get it, but there is no explanation for this picture.

“Piss Off” Novelty mug

Everyone knows someone who would appreciate this mug.

Therapy Alignment Toe Socks


Catapult Desktop Battle Kit

Make free time at work more entertaining.

Self-Stirring Coffee mug

Because the ONE thing I dread in the morning is stirring my own coffee…

Muffin Top Cupcake Molds

Casual reminder of consequences that are a result of consuming treats.

Snore-X Anti-Snoring Jaw Wrap

Is this real?

GoFit Adjustable Weighted Training Vest

Simple way to make everyone around you know you’re serious about training! That or make everyone around you REALLY nervous.

Potty Golf Set With Putter

Father’s Day gift: CHECK! 

Unisex Animal Cold Weather Mask

You should definitely wear this with that Weighted Training Vest mentioned above.


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