Find Out The NEWEST Oreo Flavor!

Author: Lauren Kelly

If you weren’t a fan of the Red Velvet, Banana Split, Cookie Dough or Watermelon flavored Oreos…then maybe their newest flavor will delight your taste buds!

Get ready people…because COTTON CANDY flavored Oreos are now available to buy in Target stores!

A Nabisco rep confirmed to Us Weekly that the golden cookie (not black) is layered with pink and blue cotton candy swirled crème, but is only a limited edition flavor.

Last month, Nabisco released a statement saying, “It’s been brought to our attention that some of our top secret OREO flavors are leaking. As we get to the bottom of these cookie leaks, we can only say time will tell when our next delicious flavor will hit shelves.”

Rumor has it that S’MORES flavored Oreos might be next just in time for summer. OMG YASSSSS!!

Cotton Candy Oreos will be available nationally and exclusively at Target through April 14, and will retail for $2.99.

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