Women Losing Their Mind Over Lilly Pulitzer

Girls be losing their minds this weekend at Target because the Lilly Pulitzer Line went on sale and SOLD OUT in minutes.  Don’t you guys know you can avoid those crowds and just get it in a few weeks when things have died down?

Credit: Cindy Ord / Stringer

I know, I know….it’s the experience and a few weeks is like a lifetime when you have to have the latest cute top or handbag or whatever.  I get it and I can’t blame you because I too would stand in line for something if I wanted it real bad……wait, no I wouldn’t.  But I still don’t fault ya.  To each their own.  Go forward and plunder yee Lilly Pulitzer booty like me did in the good ole days.  Arrrgh!  (not sure why but a pirate thing just sounded right there.)

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