Rockets Crush Mavs In Game 2 of Playoffs; JJ Watt Supports Courtside

Author: Lauren Kelly


Even though it was past my bed time, there was NO WAY I was turning off the Houston Rockets vs. the Dallas Mavericks game last night until the very end!

The final score was 111-99 which sent the Rockets ahead 2-0 in the series, and if you were watching…the fourth quarter was where most of the action took place.  Josh Smith and Dwight Howard were on ALLEYOOOOP FIRE giving the Rockets 14 dunks, which tied them for the most in a single game over the last 15 postseasons!

And if you weren’t too busy being wowed by Harden, Howard, Smith and crew, then I’m sure you noticed JJ Watt courtside, right? Oh yeah, #99 was there in full Rockets gear cheering on the team too! JJ Also made Nicholas Connors‘ night (the 12 year old who sang the Nation Anthem) and his reaction to JJ surprising him was priceless!

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