Girl Scout Cookies Save Lives Of Women Lost In Wilderness

Now, that’s quite the badge to earn!

Sisters Leslie Roy, 52, and Lee Marie Wright, 56, were visiting family in Michigan and did not expect the late-staying winter weather of being an issue as they traveled through the remote upper peninsula of Michigan on their way to a hotel south of their family’s home. However, the snow was sill falling and the remote country roads had not been plowed.

The sister’s became stuck and for the last TWO WEEKS had been missing in the frigid Michigan countryside!!

How’d they survive?? How’d they do it??

With A little help from Thin Mints, Carmel De’lights and Do Si Dos! (Not sure what flavors they were, but let’s go with it…)

Thankfully the ladies had been laden with eight boxes of the Girl Scout good stuff pluss a bag of cheese puffs (hey, protein!).

The ladies were able to hang in there, sustained on the sweets and puffs, while keeping warm with their luggage full of warm clothing…even after the car’s power died.

They were discovered on Friday by state police discovered near Lake Superior.

The sisters were, needless to say, THRILLED to be discovered and rescued.


Remember when you were a kid and it was family roadtrip time and Mom made sure to clear out the fridge into the ice chest so ya’ll didn’t have to stop on the road or eat out AT ALL? No? Just my ‘frugal’ family…ah, anyways. That’s what Mom did; half used jar of mayo, half eaten loaf of bread, stuffs to put in the middle…half eaten bags of pretty much everything…chips, jar of pickles, you get the idea.

I was so pissed! Other kids got McDonald’s or Dairy Queen on road trips…me? Noooooooooo! It was a ham and velveeta (the slice your own kind, not that fancy schmancy pre-wrapped business) on White-Wheat bread. I’d always throw in a handful of Fritos (yes, name brand…we weren’t complete animals) for texture. I always thought my mom was nuts for doing that. But after reading this, I realize a family of four could’ve survived for a MONTH in the wilds of the TX gulf coast off of that red Igloo.

Way to go Momma, you’re a straight up genius. 😀

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