73-Year Old Man Punches Bear, Saves Dogs

Being a pet parent myself, I can totally understand this man’s seemingly irrational actions of PUNCHING a 300lb BEAR(!!) in order to protect his darling doggies, a chihuahua and golden retriever from being the bear’s lunch.

Last week; Carl Moore, 73, an ex-marine in Meadow Vista, CA, heard his chihuahua, Lacy’s distressed cries and whimpering outside his home. When he went outside, he was confronted with the sight of a huge bear advancing toward the deck where his dogs were.

He immediately decided to show the bear who house it was. He started toward the the imposing creature with hands up, yelling at him to take off…the bear, however, wasn’t deterred. So Carl clocked him with a powerful right hook! BAM! The bear went down and then booked it outta there…he didn’t want any part of this former boxer/bouncer’s hard-hitting welcome.

Carl told the local news outlet; “The man or beast that I run from ain’t been born, and his momma’s already dead.”

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This guy is so my hero this week. I am just as rabidly protective over my Teddy Bear, but to go toe-to-toe with a massive bear?! That’s super extreme and quite awesome! Good on you Carl!

Also, anyone else ever think its cutely hilarious when a big, macho Marine man has tiny toy dogs like chihuahuas?? It’s just precious! 😀

-Sarah E!

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