Zendaya Is Definitely in Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Video: See the Promo

Taylor Swift sure knows how to drum up anticipation.

Judging by the rollout for the pop singer’s next music video, you’d think it was the blockbuster of the summer. Well, it kind of is.

Swift is at least treating her “Bad Blood” video as if it were a feature full-length film—and one in the vein of Kill Bill at that. Yesterday she shared the first teaser for it: an action film-style poster with block letters introducing Swift’s character “Catastrophe” and the slogan “band-aids don’t fix bullet holes.” The presentation led us to speculate on what exactly she’d be up to in the film. In other words, what kind of takedown would go down.

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Today we know a little more. Swift has confirmed that Zendaya will appear in it.

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