Super Weird Mother’s Day Gifts

Anyone else banging their head against the wall trying to think of the perfect Mother’s Day gift?? My Mom is the sweetest most generous, lovely, smart, talented and do-it-all wonder woman…she gave me life and taught me everything I know 😉 (heehee) but never asks for a cotton-picking thing! That makes it even harder trying to find her the PERFECT gift to express the major gratitude I have for her…especially having to put up with me and my brothers, lol!

So, while I get back to head-banging, check out some SUPER weird gifts I found while searching for Mother’s Day gifts.

Some of you people have some wicked senses of humor out there!

Like this one…a tampon shaped flask, wth?

Because a screeching night predator needs to be guarding my bottle Pinot…

Sure, remind her of all the times she wiped your butt, those were the GLORY days!

For the Laura Ashley inside every Mom…

Her hands are always full, but at least she can still enjoy a cold one…or, two?

I would use this for my younger kids and let them know, this was the kid that didn’t listen when I said; “Because I said so!”

When she needs to have her ‘break’ but can’t pop the cork just yet…

As for this one…it’s not weird…it’s pure GENIUS! 😀

Most of the stuff I found involved alcohol…what are you people doing driving your mamasitas to go borracho?

– Sarah E!

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